Subconsciously drawing Cillian Murphy o___o

Finally finished this x___x #spg #steampoweredgiraffe #music #doodle #art #lineart #nerd #geek #spgrabbit #bunnybennett #mydoodles #fanart

My cyborg outfit, still waiting for the beret to arrive #gorillaz #cosplay #gorillaznoodle #gorillazcosplay #cyborgnoodle #cartoon #music #geek #nerd #halloween

xostie replied to your photo:Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh

i know right XD

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» Holy fricken Zubats!!!

Woohoo been chosen to play the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Demo, so freakin happy I’m gonna play alllllllllllk night long

It could just be that you don't really realize that its a romantic feeling if you experience it, I didn't realize how strongly I felt about my partner until we'd known each other for years. Try to be open to emotions the best you can, by shutting yourself off romantically it can just be you stopping yourself from feeling anything at all.

I don’t think I’m shutting myself off, I just have never experienced it. I’m not too good around people and I dunno I might find later in my life I experience it and feel I actually want to be in a relationship romantically with someone, but for now I am pretty sure that I am aromantic.

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So you've never experienced romantic attraction?

Well not so far in my life

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What do u mean when u say you're Aromantic? Is it the same as grey?

Aromantic is when you don’t experience any romantic attraction.

Greyromantic is when you you rarly experience romantic attraction.

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More weird mind vomit